Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

There are a variety of accessories and attachments available for vacuum cleaners. Knowing what areas will be cleaned is the most important thing to consider before choosing a vacuum cleaner and the attachments. Another thing to consider is the size of the person using the unit. Some vacuums are heavier and taller than others and the corresponding accessories can be less substantive in smaller units.

The flexible hose attachment is a useful tool because it allows the operator to reach areas not easily accessible by the vacuum’s main roller and can fit other tools on its end. Some hose attachments actually retract into an uprights main unit, readily available when needed. Other hoses may be a part of a kit that fits the machine and need to be installed when the operator needs to clean a certain area. These kits are usually available for machines like backpack vacuums and wet/dry units.

Another tool that is useful for extending the reach of the operator is the wand. Like the hose, the wand is also able to fit other tools on the suction end. A wand is typically either metal or hard plastic and allows the user to reach difficult areas without flopping around. The best wands are attached to the upright vacuum cleaners retractable, flexible hose and fit back into the main unit when not in use. Wands are also a valuable tool for backpack vacuums where they not only can be used for hard-to-reach areas, but can also be fitted with a floor tool that can clean carpeting.

The brush attachment is a terrific tool for areas with spider webs and pet hair. The brush lifts the debris from the surface and the suction hole in the middle pulls the debris into the hose or wand. Brushes come in many shapes and sizes and the best brushes have firm bristles and smooth edges so that surfaces are not marred while cleaning. Brush tools are helpful for delicate areas like lampshades, window treatments, ceiling fixtures or painted surfaces.

The crevice tool is of great use if the operator needs to get into thin areas that harbor a lot of dust and debris, such as furniture cushions, car seats and venting. Crevice tools come in varying widths and lengths and are often included with the unit or a kit. Generally speaking, crevice tools that are a bit larger in width and length are more desirable because they don’t clog as easily as smaller ones.

When choosing any vacuum cleaner and the available attachments, it is always important to remember what the unit will be used to clean. Many accessories are great for general cleaning, but there are specialized tools and kits of accessories that have been combined in order to tackle a particular job. Tool kits designed for car cleaning and detailing are especially popular, but there are many others available for more specific jobs.

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