US Viper Parts

Cleaning Equipment Parts Order

US Viper is the trusted brand for simple, easy-to-operate cleaning equipment that is economical.  Viper manufacturers automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors, vacuums, air movers, floor buffers, floor burnishers, carpet spotters, and more.

Viper scrubber models include the AS5160 and AS5160T which is a 20” 16 gallon walk-behind scrubber, the AS710R rider scrubber with 28” cleaning path, the Fang 26T/28T traction-drive automatic scrubbers, the Fang 32T traction drive automatic scrubber, the AS430C and AS510B 17” cord-electric (AS430C) and 20” battery (AS510B) scrubbers, the Fang 15B battery automatic scrubber, the Fang 20HD traction-drive automatic scrubber, and the AS530R 20 inch micro rider scrubber

Viper carpet extractor models include the Slider – SL10Box which is a box-style carpet extractor and the Slider – SL1610SE self-contained carpet extractor.

Viper vacuum cleaner models include the CUDA – CUDA2600 dual-motor wide area vacuum and the Shovelnose – SN18WD wet/dry vacuum with tool kit.

Viper’s 3-speed air mover with optional handle and wheels is model AM2400D

Viper floor buffer models include the Venom VN2015 & VN1715 which comes in 17 inch or 20 inch with 175 rpm, as well as the Venom 20 DS which is a 20 inch 185 / 330 RPM dual-speed floor buffer

Viper burnisher models include the Dragon – DR200DC which is a 20”, 2000 rpm, dust-control burnisher and the Venom – VN1500 which is a 20” 1500 rpm hi-speed burnisher.