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US Products uses nothing but the finest in its carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and restoration floor equipment.  A few of the steps that US Products takes to insure quality is that they import their waterproof gauges from Germany, use double-lock aircraft latches, incorporate solid state circuitry and build their own heat exchanges from scratch.

In addition they roto-mold all of their products in their production facility to insure the bodies on all their equipment are manufactured to the highest standards. That’s why they can give you a lifetime guaranty on all of their rotationally molded bodies on their carpet extractors, hard surface machines and restoration equipment.

Finally, during production each piece of equipment goes through multiple inspections before it is shipped. Unlike many manufacturers that randomly test their equipment, every piece of U.S. Products equipment is tested to insure it was built to their standards and operates to the level it was advertised.

US Products believe that when you purchase a piece of equipment from U.S. Products, you own a reliable product that will perform and deliver the results you and your customers expect.

Their products in the floor cleaning industry include their King Cobra series heated carpet extractors and, multi-surface machines.

US Products Portable Carpet Extractor with instant heat clean more effectively because they supply instant heated water of 212 degrees F at the wand tip.  Their low-moisture/High Heat system helps carpets dry faster, saving you precious time and labor costs.  Many of their carpet extractors include their patented smart circuit locator to prevent troublesome blown circuits.  All of their professional carpet cleaning machines are designed with the highest quality and innovation found in the market today.  US Products have received the top GOLD rating from CRI’s Seal of Approval Program, making their extractors the best performing portable extractors available.

US Products Multi-Surface Machines are designed for tile and grout and other hard surfaces as well as carpet extraction.  Multi-surface extractors are designed to simplify tile & grout cleaning and other hard surface cleaning as well as carpet extraction. High water pressure and superior vacuum gets floors clean and leaves them dryer than traditional methods, or switch to carpet extraction and double your service.

U.S. Products now manufactures several different hard surface extractors that use high water pressure and strong vacuum to power away dirt and grim from tile & grout and other hard surfaces. Using high pressure water for cleaning and extracting the water as you clean with powerful vacuum leaves the floor cleaner and much dryer than traditional methods of hard surface cleaning and allows the operator to use much less harmful chemicals to get the job done efficiently and effectively.