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Tornado Industries, Inc. is dedicated to delivering “Best-in-Class” commercial and industrial cleaning equipment and after-sale service that meets and exceeds the expectations of their customers.  In the industrial cleaning business for over 85 years, Tornado® has a strong entrepreneurial history of partnering with in-house cleaners, contractors and facility managers to provide cleaning solutions that deliver innovation, reliability and competitive pricing.

Developed for cleaning professionals, by cleaning professionals, Tornado’s machines are created to maximize cleaning efficiency and speed, minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor environments, and reduce the total cost of cleaning — all factors resulting in greater profitability for your organization. Tornado’s industry-acclaimed products tackle the unique cleaning challenges faced in a variety of markets.

Tornado Industries line includes carpet care, tank vacuums, scrubbers, dryers, floor machines, burnishers, sweepers, and specialty products

Tornado carpet care line offers carpet cleaning equipment including: Industry leading upright vacuums, canister vacuums, backpack vacuums, blowers and dryers, upright and self-contained extractors, and spotters. Click on any of the units below to learn how our industry leading units can be the solution to your carpet cleaning needs.

Tornado offers consumers top of the line tank vacuums for any and all heavy-duty applications. Not only do these tank vacuums come with wet/dry capabilities, we also offer critical filtration vacuums with certified HEPA air filters, ensuring your workplace stays not only clean, but safe as well. On our Jumbo Industrial units, available in both air and electric powered, range from a single, double, and quad head configuration to make sure you’re getting the right amount of cleaning power you need. Search below to see how Tornado’s tank vacuums can solve your heavy-duty cleaning needs.

Tornado floor scrubbers are great whether you only need to clean small, tight spaces or an entire warehouse, we have a full line of scrubbers from compact to ride-on to handle any job. With many customizable options available, Tornado will make sure you get the right product for the right job so your space stays clean and picture perfect. Search below to learn more about our automatic scrubber lines.

Tornado floor machines and burnishers get the job done.  When you own a facility with hard floor surfaces, it is important to not only keep your floors polished, but clean as well. Tornado offers quality burnishers and floor machines ranging from corded, battery, and propane powered units that will leave your floors looking brand new. Whether you require a floor polisher, or a heavy-duty floor stripper, our line of floor machines and burnishers has the solution for your needs.

Tornado sweepers quickly remove dirt and debris on hard floors, as well as carpeting with Tornado sweepers. Engineered to be quiet without compromising on power, any one of our sweepers can be used during the day without disturbing building occupants. With battery and manual push options, Tornado sweepers are perfect for use in a variety of industries including hospitality, healthcare, education, and so much more. Whether big or small, Tornado sweepers will get the job done and leave your workspace spotless.