Tornado Floor Equipment Steam Cleaners

The two main types of steam cleaners are residential steam cleaners and commercial steam cleaners. Residential units heat water in a tank over time, when the water is fully heated steam can then be discharged and used for cleaning. Commercial steam systems use a constant steam system where the water is continuously heated, which allows true on-demand steam cleaning with no waiting for the water to heat up. The Tornado 4002 steam cleaner is one of the best commercial units currently sold in the United States. It’s convenient and compact design has been well thought out, integrating a storage compartment for tools and hoses onboard. This small package can then be transported easily from location to location in a small car or van unlike larger units. This type of cleaning unit is a great way to go green while cleaning. Steam cleaners are now being used as a substitute for harsh cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. Steam cleaning machines generally heat water to above 248 degrees turning water into steam. Steam can kill most bacteria and does a great job at removing grease and dirt buildup.

The Tornado 4002 is built with quality components that make the 4002 a dependable and powerful cleaning tool. The heating element heats the water to over 248 degrees and has an on demand heating system which eliminates waiting for the water to heat up. The solution pump creates over 45 PSI of continuous pressure for heavy duty cleaning and continuous operation. This unit is also lightweight and weighs only 17 pounds, the unit is surprisingly small with the footprint smaller than the average backpack. The steam cleaner also comes with a handy collapsible handle and large 2 inch wheels for easy maneuvering from room to room.

The most impressive feature about this Tornado machine is the multitude of add-on tools and accessories that can be used with it. The standard accessories that come with the steam cleaner are a connecting hose with control gun, extension tube, floor tool and detail nozzle. The tools that come standard can clean most surfaces quickly and effectively. Other optional accessories include a wallpaper stripping tool, wire bristle tool, and triangular brush for cleaning and corners. With all these available accessories any cleaning task can be easily accomplished.

Common places steam cleaners are used are food preparation areas, medical facilities, universities and health clubs. Most steam cleaners produce a jet of hot water or steam that can scour any surface clean and germ free. Looking at the steam cleaner from above the dials are clearly marked with a dial setting for temperature and a simple on and off switch. The water fill cap can easily be screwed on and off for easy tank filling even with the machine powered up. A long hose extrudes from the top portion of the machine which is then connected to the steam cleaning tool. By moving the steam cleaning tool back and forth grime is easily washed away.

The 4002 is not a disposable pressure washer. The main parts that burn out on this unit are the heating element and valve. Compared to other leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment Tornado parts are relatively inexpensive. These parts are easy to find at a local dealer or at an online store. At around $1500 the Tornado steam cleaner is a pricey piece of equipment but will cut down on labor expenses. This Tornado steam cleaner will also save money on costly cleaning chemicals while saving the environment.

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