Tornado CV 30 Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuums Tornado is one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers in the United States. Tornado produces many different types of vacuum cleaners including carpet sweeper’s, wide-area vacuums and upright vacuums. The Tornado CV 30 and CV 38 are among the best HEPA vacuums sold today. Upright vacuums are the most popular vacuum cleaners for commercial cleaning. Upright untis consist of a vacuum motor which creates suction and a brush roller that agitates carpet fiber to release dirt into the vacuum. Some features that a good upright vacuum cleaner should have are height adjustment, tool kits, and an ergonomic design. A height adjustment mechanism is important so that the vacuum can be used in different types of flooring. By simply adjusting a knob or lever the vacuum can lower and raise the brush mechanism for proper carpet agitation. Toolkits are important so that smaller areas can be cleaned without the use of other equipment. A good vacuum cleaner should be designed to reduce worker fatigue and make it easier to clean floors by limiting drag and increasing maneuverability. The Tornado CV 30 encompasses all these design features into its sleek and powerful design.

The Tornado CV 30 can be used at institutions such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and medical facilities. The unit comes with true three stage HEPA filtration that filters small debris particles from the air making the immediate environment a healthy place to be. The two main differences between most HEPA vacuum cleaners is the way they filter particles. True HEPA vacuums use filters to remove particles, whereas non true HEPA vacuum cleaners add additional filtration to the bags. The problem with using bags as a filtration system is that bags can become wet and brittle reducing their effectiveness to filter smaller particles. The CV 30 has been refined over the past five years to become one of the most technologically advanced vacuum cleaners on the commercial market. These vacuums are meant to be rebuilt and are for commercial applications. Tornado parts are some of the easiest parts to find out any vacuum cleaner sold today.

This Tornado machine looks unlike most commercial vacuum cleaners. It utilizes a large nine amp motor which has ample power to drive the suction and brush mechanism. Unlike some commercial vacuum cleaners the cord length has remained at 40 feet for the past five years. During tough financial times other vacuum cleaner manufacturers have cut their cord lengths to 30 feet to save money. The unit operates at 66 decibels making this unit adequate for green cleaning and LEED certified buildings. A three stage filtration system removes particles up.3 microns when air is exhausted through the exhaust port. Vacuum bags are abundant for this model either from local Tornado dealers or at online Tornado stores. The bag capacity of the CV 30 is approximately 1.3 gallons which can last a commercial cleaner up to a week. One of the largest expenses of operating a vacuum cleaner our bags and belts, with increased bag capacity this unit cuts down on increased disposable item costs.

When purchasing a vacuum is important to make sure it comes with a complete set of tools. Tools are important for cleaning areas other than carpets. A good tool kit should contain a crevice and upholstery tool. This Tornado vacuum comes with both which are held securely on the back of the vacuum. The on off switch is placed on the main housing and can easily be reached without bending. The ergonomic handle is both comfortable and makes using the vacuum a breeze while cutting down on fatigue. A good vacuum should also be lightweight and weigh under 20 pounds so that it can easily be moved from level to level.

Overall the CV 30 is one of the ultimate and most respected vacuum cleaners out there. A price tag of around $600 the CV 30 makes the Tornado unit a competitor with both price and performance in the commercial market. Tornado is known for having the best warranty and service record of any floor equipment manufacturer.

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