Tornado BR 400 Floor Equipment

The Tornado BR 400 is one of the most versatile auto scrubbers sold today. If you are looking for the ultimate small series auto scrubber look no further. The BR 400 automatic floor machine is small yet powerful enough to complete any cleaning task. The BR 400 is only 17 inches high and 15 inches wide making it one of the best machines for cleaning under tables and shelves. This piece of Tornado floor equipment is powered by 115 V and is a corded model.

This nice little for machine uses cylindrical brushes and has many accessories that can be added. Space optional accessories include oil resistant squeegees and various brushes so that you can perform multiple tasks. The BR 400 can both scrub and polish any floor. Optional brushes include a medium white firm scrub brush for even floors and a red high low grout brush for cleaning ceramic tile. A gray grit brush can be purchased as an accessory for heavy scrubbing. The BR 400 comes with a 50 foot cord giving it extended cleaning range. The machine utilizes to brushes a pump and a squeegees system to wet the floor, scrub the floor and then dry the floor.

This tiny Tornado auto scrubber can clean a 16 inch path and includes a 2.1 gallon solution and 2.6 gallon recovery tank. The larger vacuum motor can make a quick job of drying even the wettest floors. The BR 400 works in both forward and reverse and features adjustable pad pressure for uneven floors. The brushes can be quickly switched out making this one of the most versatile pieces of floor equipment sold today. This machine is built from quality materials and will stand up to the toughest jobs. The brushes work to a consistent 1000 RPMs making this the perfect machine for cleaning even the dirtiest floors. With a dual squeegees system the BR 400 can pick up water in both forward and reverse. Removable water tanks make emptying and refilling the unit an easy task. The height of the machine can be easily adjusted to clean different types of flooring. The unit can be used easily with either hand because all of the duel switch.

This auto scrubber is an invaluable tool for cleaning small areas or getting in between shelving or obstacles. The BR 400 can be used on surfaces such as tile, brick, concrete and rubber floors. This unit is perfect for almost all environments including schools, retail, kitchens, entryways and auto repair facilities. At just 66 pounds this unit can be easily transported in a small car or van. The unit folds down neatly and quickly eliminating the need for large storage areas. This machine is the perfect tool for detail cleaning and is easy to use and well designed. Overall this machine is a must buy for any cleaning contractor wanting value and versatility.

The Tornado BR 400 can be purchased either at a local Tornado dealer or online at many floor equipment websites. Pricing ranges from $3000-$4000 but is well worth the money. This machine is meant to be rebuilt after repair and Tornado parts can easily be on online or at local stores. Replaceable brushes range from $250-$300 per set and last on average about six months. Squeegees are inexpensive and easily switched out. Out of all the leading floor equipment manufacturers Tornado seems to have the best small series auto scrubbers.

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