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Nobles floor cleaning equipment is engineered by Tennant Company.  Customers count on Nobles equipment to clean floors day in and day out.  Essential features and rugged construction make their machines affordable and reliable.  Nobles is engineered by Tennant Company, a recognized leader in designing and making innovative equipment for cleaning professionals all over the world.  Tennant expertise is built into every Nobles machine, so you get market-leading quality at a price that makes sense.

Nobles carries a line of scrubbers, sweepers, carpet extractors, vacuums, burnishers, floor machines, and specialty cleaning equipment.

Nobles scrubbers handle even the toughest dirt that ends up on your floors. Count on these practical machines to pick up grease and grime in a single pass, so you get the job done quickly. Nobles machines are built tough for day-in and day-out use. Choose the model you need, from the smallest walk behind for tight spaces to a ride-on scrubber designed to handle cleaning industrial environments.

Nobles scrubbers give you technology options that help conserve water and clean effectively with less detergent – or none at all.  Nobles scrubbers models include the i-mop XL, the speed scrub 350, the speed scrub 500, the speed scrub 15, the speed scrub 15B,the  speed scrub 300, and the speed scrub rider.

Nobles Extractors line offers the right machine for every kind of carpet care – spot cleaning, interim maintenance, and deep extraction.  Pick a small canister extractor that’s easy to move from jobsite to jobsite, or a dual technology rider extractor for efficient interim cleaning and deep extraction in large areas.  Models include the EX-SPOT-2 (portable spot extractor), the Explorer H1 / C2 / H2 / H5 canister extractors, the Speed EX (compact low profile carpet extractor), the Strive Compact (compact rapid drying carpet extractor), the EX-SC-412 (compact deep cleaning carpet extractor), the EX-SC-716 (self-contained deep cleaning extractor), the EX-CAN-10 (deep cleaning extractor), the EX-SC-1020 (mid-size deep cleaning carpet extractor), the EX-SC-1020P (mid-size plush carpet extractor), the Falcon 2800 Plus (dual mode carpet extractor), and the Falcon Ultra B (dual mode carpet extractor).

Nobles Burnishers & Floor Machines give you choices that work even for high-use areas.  Their machines offer an efficient option that can strip floors, scrub and polish, saving you money.  Nobles burnishers come in different sizes and configurations so you can match the machine to your floor needs.  Models include the Speed SQ-14 Orbital floor machine, FM-17-SS / FM-20-DS / FM-20-SS single and dual speed floor machines, BR-1600-NDC / BR-1200-NDC floor burnisher, BR-2000-DC dust control high speed burnisher, SpeedGleam 5 and SpeedGleam 7 battery walk-behind burnishers and the SpeedGleam Rider battery burnisher.

Nobles Sweepers control dust and debris in a busy environment.  Select the no-nonsense machine you need for the space you need to manage.  Rugged construction and hard-wearing parts mean that you get reliable performance in even the toughest conditions.  Models include the Scout 3 manual walk-behind sweeper, Scout 5 compact battery walk-behind sweeper, and the Scout 9 large walk-behind sweeper.

Nobles vacuums are great for busy lobbies, stairs, open aisles, or under desks and chairs, carpets in all these areas collect dirt.  Choose a Nobles vacuum to keep your floors looking good.  With canister, backpack, upright, and wide-area models, you get the vacuum that works for your needs.  Models include the Tidy-Vac 3e dry canister vacuum, the Aspen 6 and Aspen 10 backpack vacuums, V-WA-26 wide area upright vacuum, V-LWU-13 lightweight upright vacuum, V-DMU-14 dual motor upright vacuum, V-SMU-14 single motor upright vacuum, V-WA-30 wide area vacuum, V-WD-15 / V-WD-15S / V-WD-16B wet/dry vacuums, and the Tidy-Vac 6 dry canister vacuum.

Nobles specialty cleaning equipment delivers versatile solutions to meet your unique cleaning needs. From quickly drying carpet, paint, sealer, and more to storing your cleaning solution, you can count on Nobles products for efficiency and durability.  Models include the Commercial Dryer air mover, ASC-15 all-surface cleaning machine, Quick Clean 12 multi-surface cleaning machine, Transport Carts orbio solution transport carts, Orbio os3 compact on-site cleaning solution generator, Orbio 5000-Sc on-site cleaning solution generator and the Orbio 5000 Sc auxiliary tanks.