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The Tennant Company was originally founded in Minneapolis, MN in 1860 as a small sawmill that produced wood products and flooring. Eventually, the company needed to refocus during the 1930’s when The Great Depression hit the country, and founder, George Tennant, purchased a floor machine that ‘dry cleaned’ wood flooring from a local janitor. He focused the company’s efforts on this motorized piece of floor equipment and the entire company became known for floor maintenance. The Tennant Company cleaned defense plants during World War II until it developed a floor sweeper that was capable of reducing dust in factories.

This early history paved the way for Tennant to become an international, publicly-owned corporation with its headquarters based in Minneapolis, MN after it took its sales of floor sweepers to the international market during the 1950’s to 1960’s. Later, in the 70’s, Tennant opened a manufacturing plant in the Netherlands and got involved in the service business. In 1978, the company introduced its first walk-behind automatic floor scrubber.

For the next 30 years, between 1980 and 2010, the Tennant Company began to slowly acquire other brands. Brands like Castex, Nobles, Eagle Floor Care Burnishers, Applied Sweepers, Green Machine, and Sociedade Alfa Ltda (a Brazilian brand) were added to the Tennant portfolio. Tennant also created a product called FaST, that made it possible to clean floors with less water and also to be able to dry quickly. They also developed something called ReadySpace, a system for quick-drying carpet cleaning and went on to develop EC-H2O chemical-free cleaning technology. EC-H20 won the European Business Award in 2009. A constant innovator, Tennant Company also broadened its reach to several countries around the world including Japan, China, Europe, and South America.

Today the Tennant Company offers an incredible portfolio of floor equipment products that are available around the world. This diverse grouping of cleaning products has become something that the cleaning industry has depended on for decades. These trusted brands are go-to products for many San Jan professionals who service various environments and need equipment that is versatile and adaptable.

A sampling of these products include machines that one would expect from such an impressive industry contender. Floor equipment like vacuum cleaners and sweepers in every shape, size and configuration are essential cleaning machines across all applications, both commercial and domestic. Floor maintenance equipment like auto scrubbers, floor machines and burnishers are integral machines to the service industry and are offered in every configuration as well.

Tennant Company prides itself on innovative solutions for the cleaning industry. The company is proud to have the industry’s only factory-direct service and support system in place. This vital service ensures Tennant customers that they have an impact on products and technology by inviting feedback and questions from them. They also offer solutions through a program called FlexClean that allows customers to lease floor equipment on a pay-per-use basis for customers who might not need a particular piece of machinery on a continual basis and offers financing to help clients with their maintenance needs. With so much to offer, Tennant continues to shine, more than 150 years since its inception and proving that Tennant customers are satisfied customers. With some manufacturers machines can become obsolete quickly and parts can become hard to find. When purchasing floor equipment is very important to not only look at the machine but how easy the parts are to find when it needs to be repaired. Tennant floor equipment parts are easy to find either online or at a local floor machine dealer.

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