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One of the biggest and newest additions to cleaning industry floor equipment is the development of all surface cleaners by major US manufacturers. Tennant has introduced the latest all surface cleaning equipment called the ASC-15. The ASC-15 is an all-in-one machine that is used to clean restrooms and large hard surfaces. This all-in-one machine can clean floors, counters, stairwells, Windows and much more. The Tennant ASC-15 looks like a standard tank carpet extractor with the biggest difference being that as well as vacuuming this unit can also dry surfaces with a blower attachment. These types of machines can more than double cleaning productivity and efficiently clean at the same time. This type of floor equipment is becoming more common place with larger commercial cleaning companies trying to cut down on labor costs and increase efficiency.

The Tennant ASC-15 is a simple machine in design but very effective for touch free cleaning. This machine is ideal for use in restrooms especially for cleaning shower stalls, urinals, toilets, sinks, and other surfaces. This machine can also be used in larger facilities that contain locker rooms, fitness areas and more. This Tennant unit can clean fixtures and surfaces and then dry them without the user having to touch the surface. The machine also includes a dryer feature to blow dry areas that have been cleaned.

The four main parts to this machine are the vacuum motor, blower motor, tools, and hoses. This machine is built from commercial Tennant parts and has an average lifespan of ten to twenty years. The machine is extremely portable and can be easily moved from area to area. All of its tools are stored onboard so that they are accessible at all times.

The vacuum motor on the Tennant ASC-15 is a powerful ten amp two-stage vacuum motor that can complete even the most difficult tasks. This recovery vacuum motor is used in conjunction with tools to remove liquids in cleaning solutions from either floors or counters. The unit runs on regular 120 volt current and can be plugged into any household outlet. The vacuum motor is a larger motor that is rated at ninety one inches of water lift.

The tools are the most important part of this type of floor equipment. The amount and diversity of tools these machines come with allow them to perform many different types of cleaning tasks. The Tennant ASC-15 comes standard with a telescopic aluminum wand, air blower hose, pressure gun, scrub brush, floor squeegee tool, hand squeegee tool, blower tool, gulper floor drain tool and a fill hose. With all of these tools in its arsenal it can easily clean any area quickly and effectively. Most other all surface cleaners sold by other companies such as Tornado, Windsor, Mastercraft do not come with this array of tools built into the price. The scrub brush and floor squeegee tool do a wonderful job at cleaning restroom floors, in between urinals and toilets and can easily sanitize in one pass. The gulper floor drain tool is excellent for cleaning drains quickly.

One of the main features to look for when purchasing and all surface cleaner is the types of hoses and how long the hoses are that fit onto the tools. This gives the user the ability to clean all areas within a room without having to move the machine. Longer hoses can cut down on cleaning time and increase cleaning productivity. The Tennant ASC-15 comes standard with a twenty five foot, fourteen gauge, three wire commercial power cord. This cord gives this piece of floor equipment ample range within any room being cleaned.

Overall the Tennant ASC-15 all surface cleaner is an important tool for any commercial cleaning company or contractor. This machine is meant to be rebuilt and repaired in case of any system failure. When purchasing floor equipment it is important to buy from a reputable manufacturer so that parts are readily available when needed even ten years down the road. Tennant parts are readily available through any Tennant parts dealer or any online Tennant parts store.

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