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Floor finish is a chemical that is used to protect tile floors. Over time this floor finish can become dull and hazy from debris scratching its surface allowing less light to reflect from it. A great way to revitalize this floor finish is to use a floor buffer. A floor buffer polishes the floor at high speeds and melts the floor finish to remove scratches. High-speed burnishing floor machines rotate a disc at 1500 to 3000 RPMs. Most cleaning equipment companies produce one or two kinds of burnishers. The main two types of buffers are swing burnishers and walked behind units. Swing burnishers have a simple arm that extends to a base that rotates the floor pad. These units can work in either a side to side motion or be pushed across the floor to melt the floor finish. Walked behind burnishers are larger units that are usually battery powered and move in a straight line direction and are usually self-propelled. The Tennant high-speed burnisher is a swing type unit with models that rotate at 1600 RPMs and 2000 RPMs.

The Tennant BR-1600-NDC features a 1.5 hp high-speed motor that rotates the burnishing disk at 1600 RPMs. This unit is electrically driven and plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet. The Tennant BR-1600-NDC utilizes a twenty inch disk that can hold a twenty inch high-speed floor pad. Twenty inch floor machines are the standard for swing units in the cleaning industry. The Tennant BR-1600-NDC burnisher uses a flexible disk that holds the floor pad on and makes it float free over uneven floors. This machine can burnish approximately 10,000 feet per hour of flooring.

A floor buffer consists of two separate parts, the swing handle and the base assembly. The swing handle on the Tennant BR-1600-NDC is ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. Tennant has designed this unit with a floating handle that easily adjusts to the height of the operator for comfortable use even when used on large areas. The machine is turned on by using twist grip handles which are rotated in a counterclockwise direction to turn the unit on and in a clockwise direction to turn the unit off. The base assembly on this unit is protected by rubber bumper. This rubber bumper will repel the unit from any object that it hits and cushions the lower housing. The machine can be easily transported by locking in a rear wheel carriage for easy transportation even up an inclined area. The handle also acts as a cord wrap and stores the 75 foot 14 gauge electrical cord. The base is only four inches high which enables this machine to maneuver under furniture and shelving.

Many types of floor pads can be used on this piece of floor equipment. It is important to match the type of floor pad to the floor finish you are burnishing. At 1600 RPMs it is recommended to use either a natural hair pad or a synthetic pad for the best results. The pad driver on this unit locks the floor pad onto the machine securing it with a pad holder. This pad holder is easy to remove when changing pads cutting down on machine downtime.

There are many floor equipment companies that manufacture burnishers in the United States. Some of these companies include crusader, Eagle, Pioneer, NSS, Tornado, Nobles and Windsor. When purchasing a high-speed burnisher is recommended that you purchase one from a major manufacturer to ensure that floor equipment parts can be purchased later if the machine needs repair. In some cases smaller companies discontinue repair parts quickly making it harder to repair these machines. Tennant parts are available from any local Tennant parts dealer or service center. Tennant cleaning equipment parts can also easily be found at online retailers at a reduced price.

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