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TASKI has been in the profession of professional cleaning equipment for over 50 years.  Their success is marked by innovation and smart thinking.  TASKI Diversey combines trusted product brands, a breadth of capabilities and a passion about their customer needs and the environment.  Their expertise in every sector—building service contractors, government, education, lodging, healthcare, retail, foodservice, food and beverage and industrial—runs deep, simplifying their customers’ lives, enabling them to focus on their core business.

The TASKI auto scrubber driers range from small, compact “walk behind” to large “ride-on machines,  TASKI auto scrubber driers provide an unparalleled level of performance across a range of applications.  TASKI offers a highly efficient series of auto scrubber machines that takes every opportunity to improve your floor care tasks.  Models include the swingo 150 E, swingo 150 B Li Ion, swingo 350 B, swingo 350 B Li Ion, swingo 455 B, swingo 455 E, swingo 755 B, swingo 755 E, swingo 855 B, swingo 955 E, swingo 1255 B and swingo 1255 E, swingo 1650 B, swingo 1850 B, swingo 2100 uicro, swingo 2500, swingo 4000, swingo 5000, swingo XP-M and the swingo XP-R.

The TASKI Vacuums are known for their innovation breakthroughs and promise the best in performance, ergonomics and reduced lifetime costs.  The TASKI Vacuum models include the TASKI Aero 8/15 and 8/15 Plus, TASKI vacumatt 22 and 22 T, the TASKI Jet 38 and 50, the TASKI vacumatt 44 T, the TASKI dorsalino and the TASKI Vento 8S and 155-Second Generation

The TASKI Carpet Care Machines are highly efficient and they offer a range of machines that address every opportunity to improve your floor care tasks to be more efficient.  Their carpet care machine lines includes the TASKI aquamat 10.1, the TASKI aquamat 20,  the TASKI procarpet 45, TASKI procarpet 30 and the Diversey Dry Foam Carpet Care System.

The TASKI Single Discs are ergonomically designed machines that deliver high productivity, cost efficiency, high cleaning performance and worker safety.  Models include the TASKI ergodisc 400, TASKI ergodisc 165, TASKI ergodisc duo, TASKI ergodisc omni, TASKI ergodisc HD, TASKI ergodisc 175 and 200, TASKI ergodisc 1200 and the TASKI ergodisc 2000.

TASKI also carries a line of Robotic Sollutions knows as the TASKI Intellibot Solutions offering more productivity without efforts.  TASKI Intellibot is as simple as Prep, Point & Go, requiring no unique skills or complicated training.  They also offer their Augmented Reality App to tie your robotic experience with state of the art technology.  Models include the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000, TASKI AEROBOT 1850 and the TASKI DUOBOT 1850.