Taski 1250 Auto Scrubber

The TASKI swingo 1250 B is a battery powered walk-behind auto scrubber. Compared to manual cleaning, the machine delivers significantly higher hygiene levels and improves the floor appearance as well as consistency of result. Due to the nearly perfect drying results, the risk of slip-falls caused by wet floors is reduced to a minimum. This makes TASKI swingo 1250 B the perfect solution for use in daytime operations, even in high traffic areas. The ergonomically designed, height-adjustable handle with hand protection allows for the safe and comfortable use of the machine. The machine is very robust and durable and can withstand even the toughest cleaning tasks, making it one of the most reliable machines of its type in the marketplace today.

Cleaning path: 21 inch (55 cm)
Pad/Brush speed: 195 RPM
Batteries (required): (2) 12V
Sound level (operator’s ear): 58 dBA
Product width: 30 inch (77 cm)
Prodcut length: 53 inch (135 cm)
Product height: 44 inch (112 cm)
Product weight: 529 lb (240 kg)

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