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The two main types of vacuum cleaners are residential vacuums and commercial vacuums. Commercial models are used by professional cleaning services to clean a wide variety of flooring. Commercial vacuum cleaners usually contain larger and more powerful internal parts in turn making them last longer and clean better. Residential vacuum cleaners are used in the home to clean mostly carpeting. There are three types of commercial vacuum;, upright units, wide area vacuums, and backpack vacuums. Backpack vacuum cleaners are worn on the users back like a rucksack or mountain climbers backpack. These types of vacuum cleaners are extremely comfortable to wear and make vacuuming a quicker and easier task. One of the largest backpack vacuum cleaner companies is ProTeam. ProTeam are known for producing some of the best vacuum cleaners in the world and is one of the oldest backpack vacuum companies in the United States. ProTeams line of backpack vacuums include units for every type of vacuuming imaginable. One of their best and oldest vacuums is the ProTeam CoachVac.

The ProTeam CoachVac vacuum is one of the largest backpack units currently sold. The CoachVac features a 6.2 amp Vac motor which is one of the largest vacuum motors that is available for this type of unit. The vacuum motor itself is made by Ametek and is capable of incredible airflow of up to one hundred and twenty four cubic per minute. This allows the CoachVac vacuum to produce seventy five inches of pure static lift enabling the vacuum to work without the use of a beater bar like most conventional units. At just 11 pounds the CoachVac is lighter than most comparable units produced by other manufacturers but offers a refuse bag that can hold up to 10 quarts of debris. When the unit is worn, the harness distributes the weight of the vacuum evenly from the shoulders to the hips so that the user barely knows it is there. The other unique feature about the ProTeam CoachVac is its quiet operation. ProTeam prides itself on producing vacuum cleaners that can be used in Green Leed rated buildings. For a vacuum to be used in a green environment it must be quieter than 69 ddecibels to prevent noise pollution. At just 68 decibels the CoachVac vacuum cleaner is one decibel quieter than the industry standard for this type of model. Green certified buildings also require high levels of filtration making it necessary for any vacuum that is Green certified to capture all particles.03 microns or larger. ProTeam CoachVac vacuums can be fitted with an optional HEPA filter which fulfills the requirements of this type of filtration.

The most unique feature of ProTeam vacuums is their ability to utilize many types of tools that can be easily fitted to the vacuum cleaner and changed in a moments notice. ProTeam has successfully produced an unmatched array of unique tools that can be easily fitted to any ProTeam model. These tools can be easily adapted to clean many types of flooring including carpeting, tile and concrete. Other useful tools can be used for spot cleaning in tight places or for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The CoachVac can be purchased with multiple toolkits that can be configured for many different types of flooring.

Overall, the ProTeam CoachVac vacuum is priced considerably lower than other vacuums produced by other leading vacuum manufacturers. This unit should last up to twenty years because the vacuum is designed to be rebuilt once the unit fails. ProTeam parts are easy to find at any local vacuum cleaner dealer or at online vacuum stores. The CoachVac vacuum is easy to work on and all onboard parts are easily accessible and can be repaired by any mechanically minded individual.

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