Pacific Parts

Cleaning Equipment Parts Order

Pacific Floor Care started in San Francisco in 1946 and pride themselves on building the most efficient cleaning products in the commercial cleaning industry.  Their main line of products include auto scrubbers, floor machines, burnishers, vacuums and carpet extractors.

Some of the common auto scrubbers that they Pacific sells are the S-20, s-28 orbital scrubber, S-20 disc scrubber, 24XM, S-28 and the S-32.

Their floor machine lineup includes the FM-20ORB, FM-28ORB, FM-17, FM-20, FMEHD and the FM20EHD.  Their main and only burnisher buffer is the B-1500 which has one of the longest warranties in the industry.  The vacuum cleaner lineup includes the WAV-26, WAV-30 and the WDV-18 wet dry vacuum.