NSS Parts

Cleaning Equipment Parts Order

NSS prides itself on American-made floor equipment and hire union auto workers from Detroit to produce quality machines that withstand the test of time. NSS’ is credited for a simple machine that does an effective job better than a complicated machine when it comes to cleaning equipment repair costs.  NSS instead of using computer technology, still utilizes solenoids, switches and levers to work their janitorial equipment.  NSS carries what most other manufacturer’s carry, automatic scrubbers, battery burnishers, electric buffers, tank carpet extractors, self-contained carpet extractors, a wide variety of carpet vacuums, floor machines, pressure washers, sweepers, and wet dry vacuums.

The auto scrubber series by NSS includes the Wrangler series and the Champ rider scrubber series. Their burnishers and buffers include the Charger series and now the new eForce burnisher.  In recent years they’ve changed the names of their carpet extractors from units such as the Pony to the new Rally series which are tank extractors.  The Stallion series of carpet extractors from NSS are self-contained units with the largest having a cleaning path of 20 inches.  The carpet vacuums they sell include the legendary M1 Pig, the Outlaw series backpack vacuums, that Pacer wide-area vacuum and the Pacer upright vacuums.