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Founded in 1911, NSS is an owner-operated company that sells floor equipment products all over the world through a network of over 500 dealers. ISO9001 certified NSS products are in accordance with regulations and requirements in any of the 60 countries that NSS does business in.

NSS offers an entire line of floor equipment, ranging from vacuum cleaners to ride-on floor scrubbers, and just about everything in-between. NSS has always been known for the solidity of its machines and the versatility of its product line. One of the best things about the NSS product line is the attention to detail not found with other brands. Ergonomic design and quality materials make this brand one of the best in the industry. Companies like major hotels, airlines and big-box retailers worldwide are proud to depend on NSS machines for their janitorial and custodial needs.

NSS offers a full line of vacuum cleaners. These primary floor care machines range in size from canister-syle backpack vacuums to full size wet-dry vacs. Several upright models are available in a variety of widths (including carpet sweepers), making it easier to choose a machine based on the area to be cleaned. The NSS vacuum cleaner line offers many options when it comes to filtration and there are many tools and tool kits available to customize any job.

For bigger floor equipment needs, NSS offers a wonderful, sturdy line of floor machines and burnishers as well as floor scrubbers and carpet extractors. The sizes vary in order for the operator to customize the machine based on needs. Even ride-on machines are offered by NSS and many of the machines are offered in either battery-operated or electric-powered versions. This versatility is what has helped build the NSS brand. NSS also offers pressure sprayers to fill out its floor care line.

Other products offered by NSS include floor pads and an entire line of accessories and tool kits that fit NSS machines. The variety of accessories makes each machine virtually customizable for almost any cleaning job out there. Hand tools, powered floor tools, wands of varying lengths and other attachments allow the operator to clean almost everything. Whether reaching into overhead corners for cobwebs or cleaning things like drapery, the NSS machine operator will be happy to find that there is a NSS tool that can help. Several tool kits have already been coordinated to include many of the typical tools and extras can be added by purchasing individually. The tool kits are nice because as a whole, they offer a reduction in price to the consumer and offer a nice variety of tools pertinent to the job at hand.

NSS is a brand that built its name on quality floor equipment and great service. Machines and parts are available through distributors around the world and NSS keeps its customers coming back year after year for reliable machines and quality service. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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