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Mastercraft was established over 60 years ago by a gentleman named Harry Goldberg. Goldberg wanted to make the job of cleaning buildings easier and more efficient by producing machines that assisted the professional end-user. Goldberg established good relationships with his customers and made it a priority to help them build their businesses with the help of durable, cost-effective equipment. Today, Mastercraft carries on the tradition started by Harry Goldberg. The company is owned by third-generation family members devoted to maintaining Mastercraft’s solid reputation in the san-jan industry.

Mastercraft brings a lot to the cleaning industry with high-performance machines that are capable of handling jobs across a variety of applications. Mastercraft offers an entire line of vacuum cleaners, floor machines and burnishers in addition to specialty floor equipment including sanders, grinders, and polishers for wood, concrete and stone floor resurfacing. Heavy-duty machines like automatic scrubbers and carpet extractors are also featured in the Mastercraft product line and are geared toward end-users in commercial, industrial and specialty cleaning applications. Other floor equipment and accessories like blowers, tank vacuums, sweepers, wide area vacs and even furnace vacuums are featured in their line as well.

The sheer variety of vacuum cleaners offered by Mastercraft is astounding. Every shape, size, configuration and application has been developed with the end-user in mind. Wet-dry, upright, HEPA, wide-area, furnace and litter vacuum cleaners dominate the full line that the company produces. In addition, floor sweepers and steam cleaners are also available. Along with all of these machines, floor equipment accessories and floor equipment parts are a strong part of the Mastercraft portfolio.

The durable equipment produced by this company includes a full line of floor refinishing machines that increase productivity and efficiency for the operator. These machines include heavy-duty sanders, grinders and other floor equipment designed for indoor or outdoor use on a variety of flooring, be it stone, concrete, wood or other materials. Mastercraft offers electric, gas-powered or battery-powered machines that can go anywhere that there is a need for resurfacing equipment.

Chemicals are also available for the ease and satisfaction of the Mastercraft client. Products like pre-spotters, upholstery cleaner, pet-stain remover, defoamer, rust-remover and other cleaning solutions have been created and developed for use to complement their machines.

Mastercraft continues to pave the way with their extensive and all-encompassing product line, developed with the intention of saving the customer money and increasing productivity at the same time. For over 60 years, the company has created floor equipment machines and a reputation for building them to be durable and dependable, something that is indispensable in the san-jan industry. With all of the specialty machines and accessories that allow the end-user to customize the machine to the job at hand, Mastercraft remains a go-to company for serious professionals.

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