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In 1998 Koblenz got into the floor care industry. They now support cleaning equipment products for 27 countries throughout the world. Before that they had dabbled in the floor equipment industry with vacuum cleaners dating back as far as 1961. Now Koblenz produces floor machines, high-speed burnishers and buffers, upright vacuum cleaners and wet dry vacuums. Koblenz is an economical line and is great for use in a startup commercial cleaning company.

Some of the main models of floor machines they currently produce are the RM-2015, DP-1334, RM-1715, TP-1710, TP-1715, TP-2010, TP-2015, TP2S-2015DC.

The main high speed burnisher buffers they produce are the B-1500-FC, B-1500-C, B-1500-FP and the B-1500-P.

The vacuum cleaners currently sold are the U-90DC, U90 ZA SOA, U90 ZA, U-90 Z SOA, U-90.  The more economical is the U80 series and below that is the U70 series.

Prefixes for these vacuum cleaners are DC dust cup model, ZA comes with a zipper bag and type A disposable bag, type Z comes with zipper outer bag and F&G disposable bag.