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Koblenz, started in 1959, is an international company that produces cleaning equipment and floor care products to the commercial and domestic cleaning industry. Originally the company manufactured voltage regulators, motors and pumps, but manufactured its first vacuum cleaner in 1961. The first Koblenz vacuum cleaner had an all-metal chassis and was comprised of a single stage motor. Today, the company boasts a full fleet of cleaning equipment including vacuum cleaners, floor machines, burnishers, carpet extractors, shampoo polishers and washers.

The vacuum cleaner line is extensive and includes a variety of machines built with different applications in mind. These machines include commercial wet-dry vacuums, commercial upright vacuum cleaners, backpack vacs, canister vacuums, and all purpose power vacs. Many of these machines have been produced to emit virtually no noise, perfect for environments like those found in health-care facilities, schools and foodservice. Likewise, many machines have been designed for superior filtration of fine particles and can be customized with various accessories, tools and filters. The absolutely innovative design of Koblenz vacuums is appreciated by operators who find these models to be lightweight, efficient, and adaptable.

Koblenz floor machines offer durable all-metal construction and a cast iron base. The wheels are non-marking, double ball bearing wheels that also have a wrap-around bumper guard that protects floor surfaces as the machine passes over them. The motor is cool-running, allowing for continuous running and starts out with low voltage. Other features include a 13 gauge steel handle, safety switch and locking mechanism and a large, fine adjustment wheel and lock handle.

Other floor equipment offered by Koblenz includes a Shampoo-Polisher that is capable of deep cleaning, polishing and buffing hardwood, ceramic, marble and more. The Shampoo-Polisher is also capable of removing spots and stains from carpeting. Koblenz even produces a handy Washer that is compact and durable with a wide washtub opening for easier loading and unloading.

With such a wonderful selection of quality floor equipment products to choose from, Koblenz cleaning equipment has created a name for itself throughout the world in 25 countries. These countries include Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Central and South America. The company purchased Hoover’s facility in Mexico in 2000 and added over 10,000 feet of manufacturing space to its already sizeable main manufacturing plant of over 300,000 square feet. Today, Koblenz boasts 2000 full time employees dedicated to producing some of the best and most trusted floor equipment in the world.

Koblenz cleaning equipment can be found in virtually any type of commercial or domestic environment from industrial manufacturing facilities to hospitals and the hospitality industry. A variety of operators from general building maintenance workers to hotel maids and even domestic cleaners have become familiar with the quality that Koblenz stands for today. The reputation for innovation, service and dependability has earned Koblenz a permanent name as a go-to brand in the San-Jan industry and beyond. With qualifications this extensive, Koblenz is sure to remain an international market leader.

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