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Kaivac is well known for their bathroom and food service no touch cleaning systems.  Kaivac is a pioneer in an industry where almost every manufacturer produces the same product. The systems this company has produced has change the industry dramatically over the past years.

The touch free cleaning systems that are currently manufactured by Kaivac are the 1250 NTC, 1750 NTC and the 2150 NTC.  These systems are great for kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, spill pick up and school systems.  These systems come with a variety of attachments and feature powerful pumps for better cleaning and powerful vacuum motors for better dirty water pick up.  This series of touch free cleaning systems is powered by cord which makes it different than the OmniFlex system.

The Kaivac OmniFlex system is battery powered and includes different models for different cleaning tasks.  Most of these models are battery powered and can be conveniently moved from location to location and are extremely versatile when it comes to cleaning different areas. Some of these models include the OmniFlex Wet Vacuum, OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Vac, OmniFlex AutoVac, OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac and the OmniFlex SUV. This series of cleaning equipment is especially designed for the retail industry cleaning, food service industry cleaning, healthcare industry cleaning, hospitality industry cleaning, transportation industry cleaning and so much more. Areas that can be cleaned with this type of system are shower rooms, hallways, locker rooms, restrooms and dining areas and cafeterias.