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ICE is a new floor cleaning equipment company that has the structure and team behind it with extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry. The main products they produce are auto scrubbers, rider auto scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors and floor burnishers.  ICE is one of the first companies to use a technology called i-Synergy which replaces conventional lead acid and maintenance free batteries with lithium-ion technology.  The average battery lifespan of these lithium-ion batteries is up to eight years compared to regular lead acid batteries which usually last about two years.  ICE is also trying to pioneer robotics into their floor equipment to reduce labor for cleaning companies worldwide.

The main auto scrubbers they produce are the i18B, i36BT-CY, i36BT, i28BT, i24BT, i20NBT, i20NBT-OB, i20NB, i18C, OB, RS32 and the RS26 ride on scrubber.  The newest machine in the auto scrubber line incorporates a sweeper system and is called the iS1100 rider sweeper scrubber.

Some of the janitorial equipment they produce are the iE410 carpet extractor, iW90 wet dry vacuum, the iB2000 and iB1500 floor burnisher buffers and the ip20 and ip17 floor machines.