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For cleaning equipment Hydro-Force is well known for the power their machines produce.  Hydro-Force concentrates on dual surface and hard surface floor cleaning. Their carpet extractors are second-to-none and are extremely powerful and comparable to some truck mount extractors.   Their main series of carpet extractors is the Nautilus line which features carpet extractors that range from 1200 psi with 23 stage vacuum motors to a regular 500 psi model with a two-stage vacuum motor. Their more economical line is the Olympus series with extractors that are marketed towards economy versus power. The main thing that differentiates Hydro-Force from other companies is they use a base unit and then supply a multitude of tools that can be used with these units for different types of flooring and cleaning applications. The Hydro-Force SX-15 hard surface cleaning tool is matched second-to-none at cleaning tile with hard-to-reach grout lines.  Other items that can be hooked up to these machines are pressure washer guns, carpet wands, the CX-15 carpet cleaning tool which incorporates a cylindrical brush system, the Brush Pro which is second-to-none with its counter-rotating cylindrical brush system, many different types of carpet wands, stair tools, crevice tools and edging tools which are different than any other manufacturer.