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If you are in need of restorative floor equipment, Dri-Eaz is the go-to company for many in the San-Jan industry. Known for dedicated customer service committed to serving a variety of needs, Dri-Eaz has become an industry favorite.

Recognized for kicking off the restorative drying industry since building the world’s first ‘sail-shell’ style TurboDryer in 1982, Dri-Eaz offers a complete line of machines that specialize in water damage restoration, including dehumidifiers and floor dryers. Started in 1980 in Burlington, Washington, Dri-Eaz prides itself on producing the best commercial floor equipment and products that offer solutions to restorative floor care. Other ‘firsts’ for the restoration industry include the first inter-air drying system and the first industry-specific moisture detection instruments.

Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers are built for heavy-duty applications where removing large volumes of water quickly is a top priority. The DriTec and DriAir dehumidifiers deliver maximum water removal performance and can handle huge capacities of water of up to 94.6 liters per day. Dri-Eaz’s Big Gulp carpet extractors hold a monsterous capacity-up to 120 gallons, and the retention tanks come in a variety of shapes for better maneuverability depending on the application. These floor equipment machines are valuable for moving a lot of water quickly and retaining it until it can be discarded.

Dri-Eaz offers a nice selection of floor dryers that are durable and dependable and capable of moving a lot of air in a short period of time. The floor dryers are available in an assortment of sizes and airflow capacities, making them appropriate for all kinds of different applications and environments. These dryers are integral to the restoration industry because they allow air to pass over a variety of moisture-laden surfaces, drying these surfaces quickly and efficiently, whether they are hard or fibrous materials.

The company also offers specialty equipment imperative to the restoration drying industry. One of these products is the ActiveO Ozone Generator, capable of deodorizing areas that had previously been water-logged safely and efficiently. It features both an activation and deactivation cycle with an indicator light that lets the operator know when the cycle is completed.

Other specialty equipment from Dri-Eaz includes the Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace, a trailer-mounted diesel-fueled furnace capable of bringing heat directly to a work environment. The 55 gallon onboard tank reduces the need for an external tank, providing more efficiency. The Dragon offers a 100,000 BTU capacity for areas that require temporary heat and drying.

Dri-Eaz also produces a line of chemical protectants and coil cleaners to keep their machines well-maintained as well as a full parts inventory to keep machines up and running, maximizing greater efficiency. Dri-Eaz offers their world-class quality floor restorative drying equipment throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and provides a trained customer service center to assist customers with questions and other service needs.

If you are in need of quality restorative drying equipment and floor equipment, Dri-Eaz is the company you can rely on.

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